RFID Parking Management

RFID parking management

Application background
With the national economic inter-building and continuous development of the continuous improvement of overall strength, cars have been getting into millions of households. The face of automotive era, the entire community to the requirements of the smart car parks will also be getting higher and higher. HUC technologies provides the latest generation of UHF RFID Products Radio Frequency Identification, which composed of intelligent car park management system will replace the traditional management approach of artificial charges to meet the accelerating pace of life of today's car park management requestRadio frequency automatic identification system, electronic toll collection is a kind of a "radio frequency automatic identification number, model, remote electronic tag card charges, computer management, image matching and the detector calibration," the most novel way of automatic toll collection , road traffic management are moving toward digitization, automation infrastructure.

Practical significance
A. Establish a new image of the property management
The modernization of the use of high-tech products, we will make the property management enterprise image and reputation have been greatly improved. The form of a smart car park management system, both from product design, or automatically bring about the advanced and scientific management, will give the property management to establish a good image, so that enterprises have become the scientific management model
B. Strict management fees
Artificial cash for the current charges on the one hand, labor-intensive, low efficiency, one of the main drawbacks of the other financial existence is a huge loophole cause the loss of cash. The use of radio frequency intelligent car park management system, all fees are recognized and computer statistics, to eliminate the errors and fraud to protect the car and the interests of investors
C. Strengthen the safety management
One car one card, and data archiving to ensure the safety of parking the car park. Artificial issuers, collection card, it is inevitable that when the omission because there is no record available at any time,丢车or misrepresentation丢车phenomenon has happened to the car park brings about a lot of troubles and financial losses. The form of a smart car park management system, monthly card and stored-value card consumer computer record in the corresponding data, after the card is lost in time to re-submit. The hourly rate for lost cards can also be retrieved at any time, timely treatment. In contrast with images of equipment, the types of license plate numbers of parking cards are archived on one card, the vehicle registration prompted wrong computer at any time and warning
D. Good security features
Since radio frequency identification cards are highly confidential, and its encryption generally takes decades of computer time solution can not, so not easy to counterfeit
E. Durable and reliable, fully automated operation
The system uses passive radio frequency identification cards, maintenance-free, long life, Fully Sealed, non-contact, dust-proof water-proof, no need to artificially open the gate, the system auto-reader, inspection cards, open the gate, not only save manpower also save time.

Technical Overview
Microwave radio frequency identification (UHF RFID) technology is the most advanced fourth-generation automatic identification technology, are just beginning to rise in recent years and the rapid popularization and application of a new technology. It has to identify distance and the high rate of recognition accuracy, identification speed, anti-interference ability, long service life, to penetrate non-metallic materials characteristics such as the use of a wide range of. Intelligent car park management system, through the long-range passive RFID technology to effectively prevent the human factor to the car park management of the damage and interference, and achieve buildings, car parks community property intelligent scientific management, can control the cost of wastage, improve operational efficiency , ensure the safety of vehicles.
Car park management vehicle users fall into two broad categories
A. Fixed users: the car park are frequent, almost every day out of the car park to be managed on many occasions
B. Temporary user: access only occasionally refers to the management of car parks were once individual
For fixed users, the existing car park management system uses a monthly card hair Ways to reduce his (her) out of the car park at the time of their registration procedures. However, the current monthly pass cards are mostly used close-up card, each time when entering and leaving the car park the driver must also shake the windows open, put a monthly pass card reader equipment before sloshing out of a few, can lift up to allow traffic into and out of the railings
If you are using long-range monthly cards, as long as the monthly card affixed to car windshields, the arrival of each vehicle parking lot gate, the card reader device can determine the distance and control挡杆automatically lifted, so the vehicle can be fixed users do not have to Parking. This greatly enhance the efficiency of the vehicles, a reduction of pollution; simultaneously removes the weather is inclement weather, such as all the inconveniences caused
4. Equipment Composition
Remote reader device comprises
A. Electronic tags (which is usually described as "card") has been recorded in the electronic tag affixed to the vehicle in the parking lot Management Office of the legitimate registered number as well as the system must consider the characteristics of certain vehicle information. At present, the company to market the United States are imported from the ultra-high frequency electronic tags, the tags for the passive maintenance-free card, reading distance up to more than 7 meters, it used plastic film packaging, comes with paste layer can be directly attached to the car windshield on the use of
B. Reader: microwave antennas used to automatically read the electronic tags on the inside, as the data and to determine the legality of the conduct of electronic tags. The company developed its own secondary reader are specifically for car park management system and launched long-range reader, it has Wiegand26 or RS485, RS232 data output interface can be used with the market in line with the above-mentioned standard interface controller is directly connected without the need to change the existing car park management system of any software and hardware. The general reader through the RS485 port with the car park management system controller connected to each reader to read a number automatically put card number is sent to the controller, the controller to determine the effective number, open the Road vehicle access gate release
C. Reader through the field of microwave antennas transmit signals and receive electronic tag return signal.

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随着国家经济间建设的不断发展和综合实力的不断提高,小汽车已经逐步走进千家万户。面对汽车时代的来临,整个社会对于智能停车场的要求也将越来 越高。创远科技公司提供了最新一代的UHF RFID频识别产品,由它组成的智能停车场管理系统将取代传统的人工收费的管理办法,满足了生活节奏不断加快对当今停车场管理提出的要求。射频自动识别 不停车收费系统是一种采取频自动识别车号、车型,远距离电子标签卡收费,计算机管理,图像比对及检测器校验的最新颖的自动收费方式,是公路交通管理 走向数字化、自动化的基础设施
一卡一车,资料存档,保证停车场停放车辆的安全。人工发卡、收卡,难免有疏漏的时候,因为没有随时记录可查,丢车或谎报丢车的现象时有发生,给 车场带来诸多麻烦和经济损失。采用智能停车场管理系统之后,月租卡和储值卡消费者均在电脑中记录了相应的资料,卡丢失后可及时补办。时租卡丢失也可随时 检索,及时处理。在配有图象对比设备情况下,各类停车卡均有车牌号码存档,一卡专用,车牌不对电脑随时提示,并提出警告
微波射频识别(UHF RFID)技术是国际上最先进的第四代自动识别技术,是近几年刚刚开始兴起并得到迅速推广应用的一门新技术。它有识别距离远、识别准确率高、识别速度快、 抗干扰能力强、使用寿命长、可穿透非金属材料等特点,运用范围广。智能停车场管理系统通过远距离无源射频识别技术有效防止了为因素给停车场管理带来的破 坏和干扰,实现大厦、物业小区停车场的智能化科学管理,可控制费用流失,提高运营效率,确保车辆安全
1电子标签(也就是通常所说的 电子标签上记载有所贴车辆在停车场管理处登记在册的合法编号,以及系统认为必须的某些车辆特征信息。目前,公司推向市场的是从美国引进的超高频电子标签, 该标签为无源免维护卡,读取距离可达7米以上,它采用塑料薄膜封装、自带粘贴胶层,可以直接贴在汽车挡风玻璃上使用。
2读写器:用来自动读取微波天线视场内电子标签上的数据,并进行电子标签合法性判断。公司自行二次开发研制的读写器是专门针对停车场管理系 统应用而推出的远距离读写器,它具有Wiegand26RS485RS232等数据输出接口,能够与市场上使用的符合上述接口标准的控制器直接相连, 而不需要改变现有的停车场管理系统的任何软件和硬件。读写器一般通过RS485口与停车场管理系统中的控制器相连,读写器每读到一张卡号时,自动把卡号发 送到控制器,控制器判断为有效卡号后,打开道闸放车通行
1)工作频率: 902928 MHz
4)内存容量:EEPROM内存1024bits,可进行读、写、擦除再写操作。以字(32bits为单位存储编址和存储锁定,其中96 Bit用作系统参数在出厂时已锁定,928 Bit为用户应用开发区。用户可对指定字区永久写保护,使应用系统安全可靠
6读写速率: 论上,从单个标签上读取32bits时少于1.5 ms ,从单个标签上写入32bits时少于30 ms
9)工作温度:-20 70 储存温度: -40 85 ;(10)体积:45mm*33mm*0.8mm
RFID Projects, RFID Module, RFID Reader, Tags อุปกรณ์ สินค้า ราคา